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Is a traditional fact that guests enjoy and dance out what it’s hot on the music industry.

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Hey! I’m DJ Kenko

A professional DJ from El Salvador, living the mixes of life in Boston.

Radio Host and DJ
Boston, Massachusetts

The best discotheque in Boston.

Super Electra Laser hosts any type of events.

We set your dance parties for all type of events, let us be your best solution for your social events in Massachusetts.

Wedding Party
Guests will remember forever your events.
Social Events
We guarantee that your guests will enjoy end of the year parties.
Baby Shower
A milestone that will make you be proud of and people will love it.
Bachelorette party
It happens once in our life, a memory that will be kept forever.
Private Parties
We set the vibe at your parties, making sure that discretion is your priority.
Graduation Party
You know like no other that this milestone it’s achieved once.

We make sure your events stand out from any other, our services at Super Electra combines great sound and top music in your parties.

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The best set of lights and sound!

Give your guests the best time ever at your events, with high quality sound and tons of disco lights that will make them shake it up.

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